Frequently Asked Questions

What is the warranty period for panel radiators?

Our panel radiators are under warranty for 10 years against manufacturing defects.

What is the difference of TERMOPAN panel radiators than others?

Panel radiators provide aesthetic appearance, design, high heat efficiency & power and convenient installation. They are preferred more than other radiators on the cost effectiveness point.

What is the standard for panel radiator?

Our panel radiators are produced according to EN 442 standard.

What is the test pressure and operating pressure of panel radiators?

Our panel radiators are tested under 13 bars of pressure and can be operated under to 10 bars.

Can thermostatic radiator valve be used on Termopan panel radiators?

Our panel radiators are compatible to thermostatic valve usage, provides energy saving up to %25 by preventing excessive energy consumption.

The last radiators on the row does not heat up well, what should I do?

Your radiators have two water connection points; hot water in from your heat generator and cold water out to your heat generator. Please switch the valves of these connections on the well heated radiators off and then redirect all the hot water from the heat generator to these not heated radiators. Use air vents on the radiators to take off any remaining air in them. After taking all the air out, you can switch all radiator vents on, to heat your home. You should take care to open the valves of the radiators in most used spaces as full, and radiator valves of unused or seldom used places partially.